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Clutch putters are designed to balance the feel of a blade with the stability of a mallet.  Our wide range of interchangeable weights gives you the perfect head weight to judge speed on long putts and maintain confidence on short putts.  You can even adjust your head weight based on how your stroke is feeling that day or the green speeds of the course!  Putter heads and interchangeable weights are 100% CNC milled in the U.S.A. so every angle and head weight is precise.  Premium finishes, intuitive alignment aides, and tacky leather grips give you the confidence to sink those clutch putts.




Interchangeable Weights


Each putter comes with one set of interchangeable weights.  Additional sets of weights can be purchased.  Below are recommendations based on length.


Length - Light / Avg. / Heavy

33 inches - 380g / 390g / N/A

33.5 inches - 370g / 380g / 390g

34 inches - 360g / 370g / 380g

34.5 inches - 350g / 360g / 370g

35 inches - 340g / 350g / 360g

35.5 inches - N/A / 340g / 350g


Light is best for fast greens

Avg. is best for normal greens

Heavy is best for slow greens




Alignment Aides


The V alignment aide in the flange is designed to align your putt but disappear from sight as you make your stroke.  The square cavity provides reference points to keep the face square through impact.






Loft (degrees) - 4

Lie (degrees) - 72

Offset - 1/2 shaft

Toe Hang (degrees) - 22

Head Dimensions (inches) - 4.5W x 4L x 1.125H

Shaft - True Temper Double Bend (tipped 0.75 inches)

Grip - Best Grips Microperf Leather Pistol

Head Cover - Best Grips Leather Mallet


Length (inches)
Weight (grams)
Head Color
Head Cover Color
Grip Color
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